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What Does President Trump’s Association Health Plan Executive Order Do?


The executive order President Trump signed on Oct. 12 to expand association health plans (AHPs) is of interest to REALTORS® because NAR has a longstanding interest in these types of health plans. But it’s important for real estate professionals to know what the executive order does and doesn’t do.

First, it doesn’t itself expand association health plans; it only directs a handful of federal agencies to consider ways to amend existing rules with the aim of expanding the plans. And second, the rules that would be amended are federal labor rules, and these rules apply to employees, not independent contractors. For that reason, NAR has expressed an interest in working with the administration to see if changes can be made in the future that would expand AHPs for independent contractors.

To learn more about the order, Jon Boughtin of NAR Media sat down with Christie DeSanctis of NAR Government Affairs to learn what the order does and doesn’t do. Watch video.

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